The Blooming Antagonism GT engineers

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The Blooming Antagonism GT engineers

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According to Carplatform, the Twenty-4 car will be able to go from 0-100km/h 62mph in beneath 4 abnormal and the best dispatch is estimated to be about 275km/h 171mph. Its two 100kw, baptize cooled electric engines are powered by Flexcell photovoltaic solar panels and two lithium-ion arrangement packs carrying 30kW each.

It adds: "Electric engines beforehand astronomic amounts of torque and the GreenGT Twenty-4 will aftermath 1,475 lb ft of torque up to 100 mph, abbreviating to 590 lb ft afterwards that." However, the engineers alive on the car say that it could be added able and able in two to three years time – so hopefully in time for the 2011 race FIFA 17 Points.

Carplatform adds: "The Blooming Antagonism GT engineers did not ambition to face the aloft manual problems that Tesla are adverse so they absitively to apparent their own manual and gearbox."

Christophe Schwartz, the arch architect of the GreenGT, said: "The GreenGT Twenty-4 architectonics abstraction could become our 2011 Le Mans Ancestor electric racer or it could even become an electric alley traveling supercar. There is a achievability to do both The advantage of electric cars is that the abandoned aberration amid a GreenGT electric racecar and alley car is the cyberbanking programming. It would be amazing to actualize two ancestor hunt cars to advance in the 2011 24hours of Le Mans and 22 alley traveling supercars."
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